At Alchemist’s, we understand that it’s often in the details that an interior scheme truly comes to life. Trimmings, or passementerie, are pivotal in elevating the overall aesthetic. From delicate glass droplets that catch the light in a mesmerizing dance to luxurious grosgrain ribbons that add a touch of sophistication, our trimmings are crafted to enhance the beauty of your soft furnishings. Our bespoke consultation process is focused on understanding your unique vision and preferences. Whether you’re seeking trimmings that complement your space’s colour palette, add a subtle touch of glamour, or make a bold statement, we’re here to assist you in finding the perfect trim. We work closely with you, offering guidance on the options available and ensuring that the chosen trimmings seamlessly integrate with your overall design Tiebacks, another integral element in soft furnishings, are not just functional but serve as an opportunity to infuse personality into your space. At Alchemist’s, we offer a selection of tiebacks, each designed to complement and enhance the elegance of your curtains or drapes. Our trimmings and tieback collection options are as diverse as your imagination. Whether you envision a classic and timeless look or prefer to embrace bold and contemporary elements, Alchemist’s is dedicated to helping you discover the perfect finishing touches for your soft furnishings.