About me

In 2007, I established Alchemist Interior Design in Bedfordshire, driven by a profound passion for architecture, interiors, and soft furnishings cultivated since my childhood spent amidst my family’s construction projects and my grandmother’s involvement in the soft furnishings industry. This enduring enthusiasm spurred a consistent desire to reimagine living spaces, including the transformation of my bedroom, much to my parent’s delight. Leveraging the success of my personal home renovation projects and armed with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design, I responded to the increasing demand from clients. In 2013, I inaugurated a soft furnishings workroom, providing me with the opportunity to personally craft bespoke curtains, blinds, and fabrics for my design clientele. This endeavour seamlessly aligned with my deep appreciation for patterns and textiles. Since its inception, Alchemist has flourished into a thriving enterprise. My expertise extended to the delicate redesign and renovation of diverse properties, ranging from period and historic homes to contemporary residences, all driven by a shared pursuit of a timeless aesthetic. Infused with a meticulous eye for detail and a nuanced understanding of the importance of time and place.  I now solely focus on the soft furnishings side of the business