hardware and automation

Step into the world of seamless functionality and cutting-edge technology with Alchemist’s Hardware and Automation solutions for curtains and blinds. Beyond crafting exquisite window treatments, we extend our expertise to guide you in selecting the perfect hardware for your curtains and blinds, ensuring that every element of your window design is functional and stylish.

Our range of hardware options is as diverse as your tastes. Our collection for those inclined towards classic elegance includes traditional wooden poles that add a timeless touch to your curtains. These poles are crafted precisely, ensuring durability and a perfect complement to your interior design.

Alchemist’s offers a state-of-the-art electric automated system if you’re seeking a more contemporary and convenient approach. This advanced technology provides ultimate comfort and control, allowing you to effortlessly adjust your curtains or blinds with the touch of a button. Our electric automated systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with your smart home technology, allowing you to control your window treatments easily through your preferred device. Experience the luxury of automating your window treatments, enhancing your living space’s aesthetic and efficiency.

Our consultation process goes beyond the aesthetics to address the practical aspects of your window treatments. We consider factors such as the size and weight of your curtains or blinds, the layout of your space, and your lifestyle preferences. This comprehensive approach ensures that the hardware selected enhances the visual appeal of your windows and operates seamlessly for your convenience.